Get something in return for free Wi-Fi

You have to offer free Wi-Fi to your customers but get nothing in return?
You're tired of having to provide the WiFi password to your customers again and again?

In that case read on !


Get more out of your Wi-Fi

Do you know your customers?
We can help you list your customers.

How? :

  • Facebook login (check-in or pagina like)
  • Connect via e-mail
  • Connect with phone number
  • Vouchers
  • Integration with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor

To connect to your Wi-Fi network the customer first needs to enter a password or perform one of the actions above.

Adapt the login page completely to your wishes, even multiple login methods can be adopted.

WiFi Portal client login

Forward to a web page of your choice (promo, menu, ...)!

Export data

Do something with the collected data.

  • Export to MailChimp
  • Export to Campaign Monitor
  • Export to CSV-file
  • Add extra mandatory fields such as gender, bith date,...
  • Send personalised e-mails to your customers

Decide who can connect

You decide who can access your Wi-Fi.

  • Offer paid Wi-Fi
  • Limit the volume using vouchers
  • Limited time usage of Wi-Fi (between check-in and check-uit)
  • Limit speed (bandwidth)
  • Portal to manage vouchers

Management portal

Manage using our innovating interface.

  • Statistics
  • Management of data entry
  • Periodical reports
  • Mange vouchers