3CX VoIP telephony for Hospitality

Why would a 3CX VoIP PABX be interesting for my hotel?

For hotels and care centres the 3CX VoIP phone system has a great extra.
This makes this the ideal phone system for your hotel.

Our many hotel customers can vouch for that.

3CX provides a hotel module that fully integrates with your
Property Management System (PMS).
As a result your collaborators don't need to learn to use an extra software
but can simply continue to work from their PMS
while all important information goes back and forth between the
PMS and the 3CX phone system.

Below you'll find a list with all integration possibilities.

Hotels no longer make any money on their phone system
but still need to have one.
Then why wouldn't you have it cheaper and more optimised?
Hotel Miami Beach

3CX VoIP general Hotel case studies


Integration 3CX VoIP with PMS

The 3CX Hotel Module integrates with your PMS and provides the following possibilities:

  • Check-in & out
  • Wake-up call
  • Call charging to PMS
  • Room status
  • Mini bar

Supported PMS systems

Basically you can integrate with any known PMS or your PMS provider can easily interface with a little help from Fly By Wire's people.

These systems have already been tested:

  • Agilysys
  • Autoclerk
  • Booking Center MyPMS
  • Cenium
  • Maestro for Northwind
  • Fidelity Hotel Management System
  • Micros Opera
  • Protel
  • Choice Hotels International
  • Brilliant (Amadeus) Hotelsoftware
  • CMS Hospitality Guestcentrix
  • ResortSuite
  • Gracesoft
  • Hotec Expert Hotelier Suite
  • Hotel Concept
  • WebPMS
  • Atrium INN client server systemen
  • HSS Hotel Software-systemen
  • Innfinity softwaresystemen
  • InnRoad
  • MyHMS innpoints
  • InnQuest roomMaster 2000

Some 3CX VoIP case studies

Extensive movie on 3CX Hotel Module

3CX PMS integration explained

Check-in and check-out

Every time you check in a customer in your PMS his name is transmitted to 3CX through the hotel module and outbound calls will be allowed from the room.
So, when the customer calls reception, his name will appear on your screen. That's more personal than a room number, don't you think?

This gives you another positive extra for your TripAdvisor score.

Last modified 25/3/2023