Online surveys, trainings, exams and assessments

Quickly create rich forms online without IT help

Example question survey



Easily and quickly create beautiful forms with one tool

Type of foms:

  • surveys
  • opinion surveys
  • training
  • exams
  • assesments


  • Multi-layer structure. Split into pages, sections and questions
  • Define relationships between questions
  • Add training content: video, photo, pdf, html
  • Determine survey duration, how many access options, notifications
  • Determine correct answers, scores, minimum exam score
Design questions survey

Send intuitive forms to target groups

  • Send surveys to selected AD users / groups and external users
  • Ability to log in with Active Directory account
  • Determine who can edit, send and generate reports per form
  • Determine unique styles (logo and colors) per form. For example, customer survey


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Types of forms

Easy reporting

  • Export survey results with or without filtering (company, department, position) to an Excel file
  • Export a report that visually compares groups
  • Design your own reports based on the collected data
Analyse results graphically

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Last modified 11/5/23