3CX Phone for computer and smartphone

3CX Phone on computer

Install the free 3CX Phone application on both Windows and Mac computers.

From the 3CX Phone you can dial numbers and place the call directly from the computer using a headset or send the dialed number (CTI) to your fixed or portable phone.
You can also add a personal contact list with phone numbers or add these to a company phonebook.

You simply select a number using the mouse in any programme (Word, Excel, Chrome, Notepad, ...) and have the number dialed by 3CX Phone by pressing a selected short key.
You can then have the conversation via the 3CX Phone or a fixed phone.

The included switchboard that you can open or close seperately, allows you to manage calls.
So, you can easily manage the following using the mouse:

  • transfer calls
  • pickup calls from a queue
  • temporarily park calls
  • record calls for later use
  • in the pro version of 3CX you have these added features:
    • listen in on ongoing calls
    • log colleagues in and out of queues
    • wallboard showing live statistics


CRM integration

The 3CX phone can connect to your CRM software.
Quite a number of CRM applications are already supported by default but via an API you can basically connect to any application.
You'll find a list of the CRM applications already suported.

This integration has 2 possibilities:

  • dial a number from your CRM by clicking it
  • an incoming call is injected into your CRM by the 3CX Phone as a search allowing the CRM to find the customer, contact or customer file and also allowing call logging.



3CX Phone

3CX phone op computer


3CX phone Switchboard


3CX wallboard

3CX App on smartphone

Work from everywhere

3CX smartphone App   

The 3CX smart phone app allows you to handle calls anywhere as if you were in the office.
You can answer incoming calls, transfer to a colleague or dial out from the App.

  • access to all 3CX contacts
  • access to all smart phone contacts
  • dial out with pre configured office number
  • you no longer need to share your mobile number

As long as you have a decent Wi-Fi or 4G reception this app works perfectly.
Keep in mind though that you need correct roaming over Wi-Fi to jump from one antenna to the other without interruption.
4G on the road goes up and down. It could well be that you sometimes experience reduced quality on the highway or even get disconnected from time to time if too many people are connected to one single cell mast.
You even experience this with calls over the 'classical' cell network.


3CX push technology

This unique solution allows you to close the 3CX App, hence saving battery, while still receiving incoming calls on the 3CX App.

How does this work?
As soon as a call enters on the PBX for your extension, the PABX will shout out to your App and it will open by itself. The 3CX Phone will then ring.

You would rather not be disturbed by the 3CX App?
Then on Android you can choose 'exit no push'.
On iOS you go about this differently. Disable your registration by unchecking your account.

Difference 3CX Phone on Windows and Mac OS

Actually there is little difference between both.
Find the only difference here.

3CX on Windows

The hotkey to dial a highlighted number with 3CX Phone can be chosen freely.

You can set a number of keys or key combinations, even function keys.
Often the F10 is not used by other software. THe choice is yours of course.

3CX Phone hot key

3CX on Apple

The hot key to dial the highlighted number can be set in the Settings pane.

By default this is CMD+3. You can also choose other numbers for this combination but there are no further choices like in Windows.

3CX Phone hot key MacOS

Last modified 25/3/2023