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Configuring our cloud backup takes less than 10 minutes. Loss of data due to Ransomware will haunt you for years !

There are a lot of backup products both locally as in the cloud. What if you now had best of both worlds for small price?

Backup O365 mail and OneDrive

Not only a server or computer can be backed up completely. You now also have a backup for Office 365.

It could be that an employee empties his mailbox before he submits his resignation, causing you to loose valuable information.

Take no risk and protect your data as of € 2.25 per month.

O365 backup interface


A daily backup report in my mailbox? Great, but am I sure a restore will also bring back my data?

You can even use an automated restore of a full server, have it boot up and then mail you back a screen shot of the server logon screen.

Should I regularly create a new full backup of my machine?

No, only one full backup is taken the very first time. All subsequent backups are incremental. That means that they will generally only take minutes.

Won't that first backup consume all my internet bandwidth?

No. Not only is a backup usually run at night you can also set the also set the allowed bandwidth to be used.

Will I need tapes, external disks, a NAS or SAN for my backups?

No, nothing at all.
You could choose to have a local copy as well for faster full restores but this is not really necessary.
The cloud backup is the primary one and often the only backup.

What if my complete server is broken or my office burns down?

The Fly By Wire Cloud backup allows you to backup your entire server or computer.

This backup can be restored file by file or you can do a full machine restore to a virtual machine or new hardware.

Is my data secured and stored within Europe?

Yes to both questions.

You can choose your own encryption key allowing only you to read the data. You will want to keep a copy of that encryption key somewhere safe of course :-)

Your data is indeed stored within Europe so there is no risk of violation of the European privacy law.

Installation and configuration

Either we configure everything for you or you simply do it yourself.
Yes, it's that simple through the web management that you can actually configure your backups yourself and even restore files when necessary without having to call on us for help.

We prepare your subscription and you receive a welcome mail with all necessary explanation.
On the desired machine you install the small backup software and then you can setup the backup in the web interface in your own language, set the frequency and archiving intervals.

Fly By Wire Cloud Backup user interface