Network management for enterprise

Proactive management of your server and computer park.

Always up-to-date and aware of possible breakdowns.

Managed Workplace

Is my network healthy? Do I use my servers in an optimal way? Why did that server crash again now?

80% of the companies pay for DOWNTIME, 20% pay for UPTIME...

Monitoring overall performance score

What group do you want to be part of?

Wouldn't you sleep better if your whole network were monitored day and night and problems are dealt with before actually becoming a problem?

Don't rely any longer on the computer gods to keep your computer park running. Go for facts and figures and don't risk any more unemployment due to computer problems !

Managed Workplace is an ICT service package with known fixed costs.

So you now have more control over your ICT budget.

In controle knop

Through professional software we monitor the health and speed of your network and systems 24/7. We perform proactive maintenance to improve the stability, speed and availability of your systems (server, PC, printer, smart phone, ...).

Focus on your core business

Managed Workplace allows you to make your ICT costs predictable and reliable, reduces risks for your machines and data and keeps your collaborators free for their core business.
Try 'trouble free working', keep the costs under control and make the most of your IT investments with Managed Workplace.

I want a free and full overview of my network...

Comfort services

ninjaRMM dashboard statistieken

Some of the things that are centrally monitored and managed:

  • disk space
  • memory usage
  • processor load
  • services: can be restarted automatically
  • check backup results
  • warranty management of computer park
  • monitor virtualisation system
  • detection of new machines on the network
  • monitor routers, switches, printers, ...
  • alert when a printer runs out of ink

Comfort service: Ready to go!

Do your office open at 09:00h?
We'll already start your computers at 08:45h. Your collaborators can immediately get to work upon arrival, the PC is ready for use.

Our most prized comfort service!

Comfort service: Night Shift

The installation of updates and patches and execution of preventive maintenance can have a considerable influence on the speed of your PC park.
Night Shift is a service that starts your PCs at night automatically and performs preventive maintenance (like cleanup of temporary files, defragmentation, installation of updates...). Upon completion the PC is shut down again.

Comfort service: Antivirus and anti spyware

Protect your servers and computers against the most vicious attacks from outside.
At the same time protect your collaborators against accidents like opening a bad mail attachment or clicking a publicity link.

I want a free network analysis

Last modified 14/3/2024