Professional voices for your phone system (Voice Response Recordings)

What is Voice Response Recordings or IVR?

IVR or Interactive Voice Response

Voice Response Recordings, also known as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), stands for the 'electronic receptionist'.

With this service we provide phone systems with professional voice prompts.
We offer you specialised, mulitilingual voices for your phone system.

The voice of your phone system is an essential part of the customer contact by phone.
This is what Voice Response makes a service to the customer instead of an excuse not to pick up.

The most recognisable example of 'a phone tape’ is the well known choice menu (for .. ; press 1, for … press 2 etc.). You can also think of voicemail, welcome and closing texts.

What languages are possible?

Basically all languages are possible. Feel free to ask us for more information if you don't find the language you're looking for in the list below.

  • Dutch
  • Frenh
  • English
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • ...

What will that cost?

We offer a production for a couple of hundred Euro.

Obviously we shall always make a custom made quote that depends amongst others on:

  • Text length
  • Chosen languages
  • ...

Some examples


Engelse IVR stem

Last modified 25/3/23