Ransomware nearly always enters your network via e-mail

This morning I received a phone call again from customer who was in a panic.
He had received a weird mail but still opened the attachment ... Consequence, all his files were held hostage and even his local backup was broken.

Many companies have become victims of Ransomware or, in a lesser case, of Spyware and Adware in recent years.

Most of these things enter the network via e-mail.
A user who is not attentive for a moment, activates the Ransomware with a click.

As a result, all your files are encrypted and entire servers go down!
This will cost you loads of money and days of unemployment.

You can avoid this.
See below how.

Ransomware attack

Securing e-mail



All your e-mail traffic goes through these advanced filters:

  • geographical filtering
  • block certain types of attachments
  • blacklist
  • whitelist
  • real-time analysis of messages
  • professional anti-virus protection

This means that suspicious e-mails do not end up in your mailbox. E-mails that are questionable are put in a Quarantine list.
You can manage it completely yourself.
Continue to process mails, even in case of a failure at Office 365 or your own Exchange server !


E-mail archiving

Do not lose e-mails thanks to a fraud-resistant 50 GB email archive.

  • secure external storage
  • automatic indexing
  • compatible with various e-mail services
  • Office 365 Support
  • unlimited archiving period
  • saved completely encrypted


Also take a moment to think about cloud backup

If you have a colleague who has opened a wrong mail in his oversight, make sure you can fall back on a full backup.

For more information, see our Cloud Backup page.

I want to protect my mail

Price for e-mail protection

mail protection

€ 2.97 per month per mailbox

Protection against:

  • virusses
  • spam
  • ransomware
  • adware and spyware

24/7 mail continuity
your own panel for management

mail backup

€ 3.93 per mailbox per month

  • archive all your mails up till 50 GB
  • never lose your mails even if Microsoft loses them

24/7 mail continuity
your own panel for management

Or go for mail protection and backup in one for € 6.5

Last modified 10/4/2023