3CX VoIP, the last phone system you'll ever buy !

3CX telephony with airplane speed and unlimited possibilities

Without a doubt the last phone system you get

3CX is a software based phone system with all possible options standard on board.
No need to choose any 'options' , no hidden costs, no price per user.

You can run this VoIP PBX locally as well as in the cloud.
The choice is yours.

What is VoIP

VoIP stands for Voice over IP. That means that your phone system runs completely over your computer network.

This has a lot of advantages and extra possibilities.
More info on 3CX VoIP

IP phone

The advantages of 3CX VoIP listed

  • Software based, thus easy to maintain, move and upgrade
  • User friendly
  • Work from anywhere, even in the car with the smartphone client
  • Unlimited extensions. No extra license cost
  • All options standard on board. No hidden costs.
  • Hotel module for PMS integration
  • You can keep your analogue room phones
  • ...

Why still settle for large phone systems and heavy maintenance contracts if you can have it cheaper, simpler and above all BETTER?

3CX advanced certified engineer

3CX Platinum partner logo

Fly By Wire is specialised in the 3CX VoIP PABX for companies and hospitality since over more than 9 years.

With over 40 hotels and 90 companies as customers we know this system inside and out.

Install 3CX on a Windows machine (or Debian Linux) and use the applications (soft clients, 3CXPhone) on multiple platforms (Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS) because it's completely software based.

3CX Dashboard

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  • more than 100 companies
  • over 45 hotels in Belgium and abroad

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Contact concerning 3CX

Fly By Wire - Bruges

+32 50 96 96 00


3CX video

3CX downloads and trials

I want to install a free cloud 3CX

You just want to test this for free in the cloud and then decide whether you want a cloud based or on-site 3CX?

Click here to start setting up a PBX Express

Ik want to donwload 3CX

Do you wish to download 3CX or one of the plugins to test them for yourself?

Click here for all 3CX downloads

I already have a 3CX and want to test dialling out

Do you want to use a 3CX phone system (PABX) with VoIP? Then you need a SIP trunk. This is a bundle of channels for a PBX with multiple phones and numbers.

Included in this trunk is a € 2 call credit so you can get started immediately.

I want a SIP trunk

I want a test account for 1 phone

You want to make use of VoIP on a single phone or soft.

You can eventually connect a new phone number to this account or port your existing number(s).

I want a SIP account

Last modified 25/3/2023